Emerita/Emertius Status - CURRENT

Reference Number: F14-147
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, October 07, 2014




(Formerly #S87-147 and #F91-147)


In recognition and appreciation of the professional, scholarly, and creative contributions of the faculty before retirement, and in acknowledgment that these activities do not end with retirement, it is the policy of San Francisco State University to honor its distinguished retired faculty with Emerita/Emeritus status, to encourage their continued association with the University, and to provide, where possible, for the continued support of their scholarly and creative interests.


At the time of full service retirement the title Emerita/Emeritus shall be conferred on every member of the faculty who has served the University for at least ten years in full-time employment or the aggregated equivalent of at least ten years of full-time in part-time employment. Breaks in service do not disqualify a faculty member from attaining Emerita/Emcritus status. In cases of disability retirement, the Provost may confer Emerita/Emeritus status. Emerita/Emeritus status may be conferred posthumously. Emerita/Emeritus status may be denied or revoked by the President for cause.


Each spring, those faculty members receiving the Emerita/Emeritus title shall be invited to sit at the graduation ceremonies. Their names shall appear in the commencement program. Emerita/Emeritus faculty shall be listed in the Umversity Bulletin during their lifetimes.


  • Basic privileges of Emerita/Emeritus status shall include:

  • An Emerita/Emeritus faculty identification card.

  • Library and technology privileges, including but not limited to email.

  • Use of any special faculty facilities on campus and in the library.

  • Use of University recreational facilities.
  •  Free admission to University athletic and cultural events.
  • Invitations to participate in all public ceremonies of the University.

 Invitations to participate in all social functions sponsored by the University.  Other privileges designated by the President.


Emerita/Emeritus faculty are encouraged to participate in the academic life of their department or the library as well as to continue their own scholarly activities. If in cither of these capacities they continue to work at the University, an attempt will be made to offer them the following extended privileges:

 Free parking, if available, after alt active faculty and staff members have had their parking needs met. For further information contact the Office of the President.

 Office and/or laboratory space allocated by the individual department chair or library director after all space needs of their active faculty members have been met.

 Modest clerical support after all clerical needs of the active faculty members have been met.

 Right to administer grants, contracts, or other research projects funded by resources outside the CSU system.

Emerita/Emeritus faculty members are obliged to cite San Francisco State University as their academic affiliation when University resources or facilities are used in the performance of their professional activities, Emerita/Emeritus faculty will be encouraged to participate in service to the University through invitations to consult on policy, procedures and curriculum planning. These Emeritae(i) faculty are defined by the University as voluntary employees (under the provisions of the classifications and qualification standards of the Trustees of the Califomia State University [class code 0050]).

***Approved by the Academic Senate at its Meeting on Tuesday, October 7, 2014* **