Revision to All-University Committee on International Programs

Reference Number: S20-151
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Presidential Approval Date: 
Saturday, October 24, 2020

Policy #:                        S20-151

Supersedes:                   S12-151

Senate Approval:            03/17/2020 

PresidentialApproval:    10/24/2020 

Effective:      Immediately

Last Review:                  Spring 2020

Next Review:                 Spring 2022




Source Committee: Strategic Issues Committee

Unit(s) Responsible for Implementation: Office of the President, Academic Senate Consultations: AUCIP










•       Change of charge to include specific duties defined by EO 1080

•       Revision of titles, units and membership to reflect current university structure











At its meeting of May 19, 1987, the Academic Senate approved a proposal to create an All- UniversityCommittee on International Programs (AUCIP). This policy established an All-University Committee on International Programs which is advisory to the Division of International Education and which reports to the President of the University and to the Academic Senate. The All-University Committee on International Programs is the sole campus entity authorized by will of the president to implement a formal and documented campus review of MOUs and international agreements outlined by Executive Order 1080.


Charge to the Committee

The All-University Committee on International Programs is charged to perform the following functions:

1.     Formally review and document MOUs and international agreements pursuant to EO 1080, and make recommendations for submitting such 

agreements to the CSU Chancellor’s Office (CO) for approval andsubsequent signature by the President.

2.     Serve as advisory board to the Senior International Officer (SIO).

3.     Advise colleges on aligning international activities with CO Executive Orders, SF State’s mission, and strategic plan.

4.     Formulate curricular and policy recommendations to be forwarded to the Academic Senate through itsstanding committees and to other 

all-university committees as appropriate

5.     Represent and advocate for the faculty on matters concerning international education.

6.     Elicit support from the faculty and administration for comprehensive campus internationalization.

7.     Facilitate coordination of inter-College and all-University projects that enhance the University's international programs.

8.     Develop plans for new international education projects, in cooperation with departments/schools or colleges.

9.     Collect, compile and transmit information about the University's international programs:

a.     Receive reports from the units that operate international programs about the activities of these programs.

b.     Collect and compile whatever additional information about the operation of the University'sinternational programs the Committee deems necessary to

fulfill its charge.

c.     Inform the campus community about opportunities provided by international programs.

d.     Bring any problems or concerns regarding the operation of international programs to theattention of whichever University offices or committees have responsibility for resolving suchproblems or concerns.

e.     Formally make a presentation annually to the Academic Senate plenary and submit an annualreport.


Responsibilities of the Committee

The All-University Committee on International Programs is responsible for overseeing procedures that keep SF State international programs in compliance with university policies and CSU Executive Orders. The AUCIP is also responsible for maintaining liaisons with departments/schools, administrative units, institutes and other offices or groups that affect, or are affected by, the operation of the University's international programs. These include, but are not limited to, international programs that are housed in the various colleges, exchange programs with foreign universities, and faculty groups interested in aspects of the curriculum that are directed to international studies or to international students. Members of the Committee should keep themselves informed about thecampus' involvement with international concerns. Members of the Committee also should keep themselves informed about the needs of exchange scholars and of international students and, if appropriate, they should bring such needs to the attention of the entire Committee.


Membership and Operation of the Committee

The All-University Committee on International Programs shall consist of the following members:

•       One member selected from each college, according to the usual procedure of the college.

•       One member designated by the President.

•       One faculty member, elected by the Academic Senate.

•       The committee may choose to add up to two (2) faculty members as regular voting members if itconcludes this will add special competencies to its membership, 

assist in the solicitation of the widest possible range of views, or otherwise increase its productivity. These members are in addition to those faculty members 

specified above;

•       One student selected in consultation with the Associated Students, and the International Education Exchange Council.

•       The campus faculty representative to the CSU Academic Council on International Programs, ex officio.

•       The Senior International Officer (SIO)/AVP of Division of International Education, ex officio and non-voting.

Members shall serve two-year terms, with the exception of the member from Associated Students whose candidate shall be selected annually.

Although the Deans of CEL, Graduate Studies, and Undergraduate Studies are not members of the Committee(unless one serves as their college’s representative or President’s designee), they shall be notified and invited to participate in the meeting whenever the All-University Committee on International Programs addresses a program which falls under their respective jurisdictions.


Chair of the Committee

The committee chair is elected annually from among the voting members. The chair is responsible for ensuring that the committee meets regularly, for preparing the agenda, and for completing the annual report to the President and the Academic Senate. Together with the member elected by the Academic Senate, the chair is responsible for bringing curricular and policy proposals and matters relating to academic standards to the attention of the Academic Senate or the appropriate all- University committee. Together with the Academic Affairs'representative, the chair is responsible for bringing administrative needs raised by the Committee to the attention of the appropriate administrative office.

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