Revision First Year Experience Committee

Reference Number: S20-279
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, February 04, 2020
Presidential Approval Date: 
Monday, February 17, 2020

Policy#:                      S20-279

Supersedes:                 Fl 7-279

Senate Approval:           02/04/2020

Presidential Approval: 02/17/2020

Effective:        Fall 2020

Last Review:               Fall 2019

Next Review:              Spring 2022

First-Year Experience Committee



In their transition to university life, first year students bring with them a foundation of rich personal identities and lived experiences. First year experience is a proven high-impact educational practice, designed to address critical issues including retention and attrition of first­ year undergraduates and the transition from high school to postsecondary education. The majority of first year experiences involve campus resources and topics related to academic success, personal wellbeing, financial literacy, community awareness, and professional development.


Key Words: First-year experience, FYE Director



Foundations of Excellence Steering Committee and Academic Policies Committee


Responsible Unit

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Division of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning








Insert a vision statement. Adjust membership. Modify responsibility to report to Academic Senate.






I.                   Vision

a.  From the heart of a diverse community, San Francisco State University honors its legacy by promoting social justice and equity, and inspiring the courage to lead and collaborate. In the first-year,students forge and further develop personal, academic and community identities and literacies in dialogue with San Francisco State University's history of social justice, equity and inclusion.

b.  Successful first-year students enter their second year by

•        Having a foundation of social justice, equity and community inclusion

•       Belonging to our campus community

•       Connecting with our faculty and staff members

•       Engaging with a critical consciousness of themselves and their relations to others.

•       Understanding their roles, responsibilities and opportunities as an engaged student

•       Building a commitment to community, social and political action

II.                   The San Francisco State University First Year Experience Committee is charged to:

a. Review best practices occurring in the CSU and beyond

b. Present policy recommendations to the Academic Senate for the first-year seminar and other first year experience§. that help first year students

•       develop their own individualized intellectual identity through access to the rich array of curricular opportunities offered at SF State;

•       shape an academic identity of their own by building relationships with students, faculty and staff in multiple communities of learning;

•       construct a community identity through engagement with campus and community life;

•       navigate institutional structures and processes to develop self-advocacy skills;

•       identify with the university's mission and values while finding inspiration in SF State's rich history and;

•       learn to appreciate diverse ways of being, belonging, learning and living, that may be different from their own experiences and identities.

c.  Evaluate implemented first year experience activities and report findings to the Academic Senate

d.  The committee is expected to break up into subcommittees to fulfill its charge.

ID.      The First Year Experience Committee shall consist of the following members:

a.  Student Affairs First-year Experience director or designee, ex officio

b.  Faculty Director of First-year Experiences or designee, ex officio

c.  General Education Director or designee, ex officio


d.  Director of the Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC) or designee, ex officio e._Director of Developmental Studies or designee, ex officio

f. Faculty Director of CEETL or designee, ex officio

g.  First-year Student representative willing to serve

h.  First-Year Peer Mentor-fStudent Affairs & Enrollment Management)

i.  First-Year Peer Mentor-fAcademic Affairs)

j.  Representative from Division of Equity and Community Inclusion k._Representative from Metro

1. Representative from EOP

m.  Representative from Residential Life

n.  Representative from Health Promotion and Wellness

o.  Four faculty who are teaching first -year students, who oversee a program or interested in FYE.

p.  The committee will be co-chaired by the First-Year Experience Manager Director from Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the First Year Experience Faculty Director from Academic Affairs.

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