Revision to #S93-183 Professional Development Change and Committee

Reference Number: S21-183
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Presidential Approval Date: 
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Policy #:                       S21-183

Supersedes:                 S93-183 

SenateApproval:         05/04/2021 

PresidentialApproval:    5/11/2021

Effective:       Fall2021

Last Review:                 Spring 2021

Next Review:                Spring 2025

Professional Development Charge and Committee

Source Committee: Professional Development Council

Unit(s) Responsible for Implementation: Professional Development Council Consultations:









Updates purpose, charge, and membership; Approved by Professional Development Council (04/08/21)



Revised: S99-183



Original S93-183


Purpose: The purpose of this all-university Council is to support the university mission of social justice, by serving as the primary coordinating body in the area of faculty and staff professional development. For which, for the purposes of this policy, professional development is defined as growth in skills and effectiveness in areas of:


•       service and leadership;

•       teaching; and

•       research, scholarship, curricular and instructional development, and creative activities (RSCA);


It is also the function of the PDC to oversee and conduct intramural grant programs.


A.  Charge


1.  The Professional Development Council, an all-university committee, shall:


a.  Promote a campus environment supportive of professional development.


b.  Exercise leadership in the development of policies and programs in support of professional development.


c.  Gather, survey, and maintain information about the needs of faculty and staff pertaining to professional development





d.  Provide a forum for the dissemination of information and discussion of issues relative to professional development.


e.  Advise and coordinate appropriate agencies of the university on the needs of faculty and staff pertaining to professional development.


f.  Recommend procedures and changes in procedures to appropriate agencies that facilitate professional development (e.g., distribution of intramural funds to Provost).


g.  Formulate, and/or revise for recommendation to the Provost and the Academic Senate University, policies pertaining to professional development, and refer recommendations having implications for academic policy, to the Academic Senate for action.


e. Invite, evaluate, and recommend funding of proposals and activities pertaining to faculty and staff professional development.



2.  The Professional Development Council’s regular advisory statements and annual report, in writing or through consultation, shall be addressed to the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Academic Senate.


3.  The Council shall hold at least three meetings per semester. A quorum will be 50% (+1) of voting members.



B. Membership


1.  The Professional Development Council shall be composed of the following:


a.  Faculty Representatives:


•       one member elected by the faculty (tenured, tenure track, and lecturers) of each College, the Library, Athletics, and Counselling for staggered two-year terms. Initially, this will be accomplished by faculty members drawing lots to determine one and two year terms. Individuals serving as College/Library representatives are eligible to succeed themselves inoffice;

•       one faculty representative chosen by the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning to serve a renewable one-year term;

•       one faculty representative chosen by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate from a list of active PIs (Principal Investigators) provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) to serve a renewable one-year term; and

•       one faculty representative chosen by the Community Service Learning Steering Committee to serve a renewable one-year term.


b.  Staff Representation: One staff member chosen by the Vice President of each Cabinet area for a renewable one-year term. Staff representatives shall be appointed by the respective Vice President, until such a time that appointments can be made either by a vote of the constituency, or through consultation with a Staff Council.





c.  One College dean selected by the Vice President for Academic Affairs for a renewable one- year term.


d.  The Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs.


e.  The Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.


2.  Constituencies shall elect or select their members, as appropriate, so that terms of office may commence at the beginning of the academic year.


3.  The Council shall elect a chair from its membership at the first meeting of each academic year.

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