Student Health Advisory Committee

Reference Number: S18-281
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Presidential Approval Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

                                                                                    Policy #:                         S18-281

                                                                                    Supersedes:                    N/A

Senate Approval:           04/17/2018

Presidential Approval:   04/24/2018

Effective:                        Fall 2018

                                                                                    Last Review:                 Spring 2018

                                                                                    Next Review:                 Spring 2023





SF State has a long history of an active Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC). Until recently, SHAC has operated as a registered student organization and was advised by the Lead Health Educator. In the summer of 2017, while planning for the new academic year, the SHAC Chair of Internal Affairs, the SHAC Chair of External Affairs, the Lead Health Educator, and the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, realized that SHAC was not in compliance with the California State University (CSU) Executive Order EO 943: Policy on University Health Services). The aforementioned individuals drafted this policy and worked in collaboration with the Academic Senate’s Student Affairs Committee to adopt the policy, bringing SF State into compliance with CSU EO 943.  Specifically, SHAC membership shall consist of a majority of students, along with representation from faculty, staff and administrators, and the committee shall provide consultation, support and feedback on the delivery of student-centered health and wellness services and programs.


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Table of Contents (List policy headings, as defined below)

  1. Rationale
  2. Charge
  3. Organization and Membership
  4. Terms of Office and Election of Chair




  1. Rationale

CSU EO 943 states, “Each president or designee shall establish a student health advisory committee. The committee shall be advisory to the president or designee and the Student Health Center on the scope of service, delivery, funding, and other critical issues relating to campus health services. Students shall constitute a majority of membership and the committee may include faculty, administrative, and staff members and shall include a representative from the Student Health Center. A student shall chair the committee” (CSU Executive Order No. 943, pp. 1-2).

  1. Charge

The functions of SHAC are to advise the University administration and Academic Senate in regard to programs and services designed to enhance student health and wellness at San Francisco State University.  The campus commitment to educational success and equity for all students shall guide the committee in all of its actions. More specifically, SHAC shall:

  1. Recommend policy to ensure that the University’s student health and wellness services and programs operate in concert with the educational mission of the campus;
  2. Review and make recommendations for policies and programs that involve the health and wellness of students in learning, living and working environments;
  3. Review and make recommendations to the annual Student Health Services Fee budget;
  4. Recommend policy as needed to ensure all students receive equitable access to and fair treatment from health and wellness services and programs;
  5. Serve as a liaison between the fee funded units, students, and University administration;
  6. Prepare an annual written report to the President and Academic Senate detailing its activities; and
  7. Meet a minimum of three times per semester during the fall and spring.
  1. Organization and Membership

SHAC shall consist of the following members:


  • A minimum of four students (preferably, but not limited to, three undergraduate, and one graduate) selected in consultation with Associated Students;
  • One faculty member recommended by Academic Senate;
  • One to three staff members from the Student Health Services Fee funded units. Staff membership may exceed one member if there are sufficient student members that the students will retain their majority. Even if there is more than one staff member, there shall be no more than one staff member from each unit funded by the Student Health Services fee; and
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management’s designee.


  • Directors of the Student Health Services Fee funded units as well as the Advisor for SHAC.
  1. Terms of Office and Election of Chair

The terms of all members are renewable annually. Terms of office shall commence on June 1. The SHAC shall elect its own chair from among the voting student membership.

Staffing for SHAC shall be provided by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management or designee.