Teaching Effectiveness Assessment Task Force

Reference Number: S20-285
Senate Approval Date: Tuesday, February 04, 2020
Presidential Approval Date: 
Friday, May 1, 2020

Policy #: S20-285 

Supersedes: N/A 

Senate Approval: 02/03/2020 Presidential Approval: 05/01/2020 Effective: FALL 2020 

Last Review: N/A 

Next Review: FALL 2025


Teaching Effectiveness Assessment Task Force 

Source Committee: Ex Comm 

Unit(s) Responsible for Implementation: Academic Senate 

Consultations: CEETL, Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development














SF State recognizes that fair and equitable assessment of teaching can only occur when teaching outcomes are clearly defined and communicated and are based on the educational social justice mission of the university. This proposal to initiate a task force has been created to promote the assessment of equitable and excellent educational experiences for students, faculty members, and the SF State community through any teaching and learning modalities.

Table of Contents 

A. General Assumptions 

B. Definitions 

C. SF State Campus-Wide Teaching Effectiveness Outcomes 

D. Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness 

E. Membership 

F. Other 



A. General Assumptions (to be revised by the Task Force) The Collective Bargaining Agreement and relevant policies shall be consulted in the process of developing this policy. 

SF State is dedicated to providing all students with an accessible, relevant, and equitable education in order to promote social justice. 

Equitable assessment of teaching effectiveness to promote student success is the right and responsibility of all teachers and students. 

Just as it is equitable to assess student work with an asset-based perspective, it is also equitable to assess faculty work with an asset-based perspective. 


The primary goal of equitable assessment of teaching effectiveness is to inform the improvement of student learning experiences and outcomes. 

B. Definitions 

This Task Force shall define Teaching and Teaching Effectiveness in the context of the SFSU Academic Master Plan and the university’s social justice mission. 


C. SF State Campus-Wide Teaching Effectiveness Outcomes 

This Task Force shall determine Campus-Wide Teaching Effectiveness Outcomes in the context of the SFSU Academic Master Plan and the university’s social justice mission. 


D. Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness 

The Task Force will consider student, faculty/peer and instructor self-assessment of teaching effectiveness in the context of the SF State Academic Master Plan and the university’s social justice mission. 


The Task Force shall determine Campus-Wide Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness questions, format and implementation. 

The Task Force shall consult on the development of Campus-Wide Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness questions and tools for colleges and departments or other units. 

E. Membership 

The membership of the task force shall consist of the following members. All may assign a designee as needed. A majority of the members must endorse the final report to the Senate before it is submitted. 

• Faculty Director of the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning 

• Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee 

• Chair, Student Affairs Committee 

• Chair, Online Education Committee 

• Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines Director 

• Two faculty representatives, one tenured or tenure track and the other a lecturer faculty, appointed by the Senate Executive Committee 

• Department Chair, chosen by the Chairs Council 

• College Associate or Assistant Dean, selected by the Associate Deans Council. 

• The Assistant Vice President of Teaching and Learning 

• The AVP for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development 


F. Other 

All classes are subject to the same principles of peer review and student evaluation for purposes of the Retention, Tenure, and Promotion processes. All courses, regardless of format, shall be equally recognized and rewarded when considering curriculum and professional development. 


All classes shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, and with California Government Code 11135. 

All students shall have access to the teaching assessment process. 

All faculty shall have access to the faculty self-assessment of teaching process. 

The task force shall submit a report to the Academic Senate containing its recommendations for changes to #S03-213, the Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness Policy, and #S19-241 (or current), the Retention, Tenure and Promotion Policy. The task force shall disband when it determines its work is completed.

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