Program Outcomes for Baccalaureate Degrees at SF State

Resolution Number: RF12-305
December, 2012



San Francisco State University graduates will take with them dispositions that facilitate lifelong learning and growth, including curiosity, a sense of wonder, intellectual flexibility and adaptability, a refusal to simplify what is inherently complex and ambiguous, a sense of responsibility and accountability, critical self-reflection, independence of mind, respect for wellness and healthy living, a readiness to assume leadership roles, and reverence for all that unites us as human beings across time.  These dispositions will be gained through completing the curricular requirements for graduation, as well as student life experiences.





Six Baccalaureate Degree Outcomes


By the time of graduation, SF State students will be able to demonstrate:


  1. Mastery of the fundamental competencies necessary for lifelong intellectual endeavor (assessed in Areas A1-4 and B4 of lower division GE).


  1. Conversance with the principal domains of knowledge associated with liberal learning: the sciences and mathematics, the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts (assessed in lower and upper division GE)


  1. The acquisition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of at least one major course of study. (assessed in major)


  1. Knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the multiple forms and variations of human diversity  (assessed in GE, and majors where appropriate)


  1. An appreciation of the necessity and difficulty of making ethical choices, both private and public (assessed in GE, and majors where appropriate).


  1. The ability to integrate and apply knowledge by making connections among disparate forms of knowledge and modes of enquiry (assessed in the culminating experience in the major).




***Approved by the Academic Senate at its meeting on December 4, 2012***

the baccalaureate program was approved as policy by the Academic Senate and signed by President Corrigan in 2010; and
the Baccalaureate Degree Outcomes were based on the baccalaureate goals developed by the Graduation Requirements Task Force and endorsed by the Academic Senate; and
these goals were adapted into assessment-friendly language by the University Academic Assessment Advisory Committee, the Baccalaureate Requirements Committee, and a team sent to the 2012 CSU Summer Institute on General Education and Assessment; and
Baccalaureate Requirements Committee developed six baccalaureate outcomes; and
students will now meet these outcomes through General Education, major, elective, minor, and/or co-curricular activities; therefore be it
that the Academic Senate commends the work of the Baccalaureate Requirements Committee and endorses the document “Baccalaureate Degree Outcomes.”