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Resolutions by Academic Year:

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Resolutions Resolution Number
Resolution Commending and Thanking Outgoing Members of the 2020-21 Academic Senate RS21-426
Resolution on the Transparency in Recovery and Allocation of Indirect Cost RS21-422
Resolution on Dropping Classes for Non-Payment of Tuition and Fees RS21-423
Resolution on the Impact of Technostress RS21-424
Resolution Receipt of the Academic Master Plan Framework RS21-425
Lecturer faculty as normative term for non-tenure line faculty RS21-418
Resolution to Condemn Anti-Asian Racism and Violence RS21-419
Resolution Recognizing Employee Service in Pandemic-Year Performance Evaluation RS21-420
Receipt of the Faculty Work Assignment Equity Task Force Report RS21-421
Resolution on Priotizing the Recruitment, Hiring, Retention and Promotion of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Staff, Faculty and Administrators RS21-416
Resolution Affirming Shared Governance and Budget Transparency in Times of Crisis RS21-417
Resolution Concerning Building Operations and Communication of Public Health and Safety Matters RF20-412
Resolution in Support of AS-3462-20/FA: Request for Amendments to the Title V Ethnic Studies Changes RF20-413
Resolution in Support of Darlene Yee-Melichar's Nomination for CSU Faculty Trustee RF20-414
Resolution Acknowledging Increased Student Advisory Participation Concerning Student Fees RF20-415
Resolution in Support of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities as a Core Academic Commitment RF20-410
Resolution Thanking SF State Employees During COVID-19 Crisis RF20-411
Resolution Calling for Eliminating the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Requirement RF20-409
Resolution in Opposition to Title V Restructuring of General Education RF20-407
Resolution in Continued Support of SF State Students During COVID-19 Crisis RF20-408
Resolution Commending and Honoring Dr. Ann Hallum RF20-404
Resolution in Support of Voter Registration Efforts RF20-405
Resolution on Third Party Proctoring RF20-406
Fall 2003 - Spring 2004
Resolutions Resolution Number
Resolution Supporting the March 15, 2004 Rally in Sacramento march152004
In Support of the Summit on Race and Culture at San Francisco State summit
Resolution on the March 2, 2004 California Elections votepri04
Resolution in Support of the Final Report of the Summit on Race and Culture at SFSU RS04-223
Resolution in Support of Getting Out the Vote for the March 2nd, 2004, Primary Election RS04-224
Resolution in Support of Getting Out the Vote for the March 2nd & 3rd, 2004, Student Fee Referendum RS04-225
Resolution in Support of the March 15th, 2004, Events in Sacramento RS04-226
Resolution on Revenue Enhancement RS04-227
Resolution in Support of CFA Coalition to Save the CSU RS04-228
Resolution on Blocking SPAM RS04-229
Resolution on a 'Smoke-Free' Campus - Utilizing Designated Smoking Areas at SFSU' RS04-230
Resolution on the Increase in Textbook Prices RS04-231
Resolution Thanking & Commending Departing Senators RS04-232
Resolution on Collegiality RS04-234
Resolution Supporting Voter Registration Campaign at San Francisco State University RF03-215
Resolution Against Proposition 54 RF03-216
Resolution on Student Referendum on Campus Fees vote04
Resolutuion in Support of The Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2004 RF03-217
Resolution on the Protection of Academic Programs at SFSU RF03-218
Resolution in Honor or Penelope Warren RF03-219
Resolution on Ways to Address Reductions in Work Available for Temporary Faculty RF03-220
Resolution in Honor or President Robert A. Corrigan's Fifteen Years of Service at San Francisco State University RF03-222