September 6th, 2022



Tuesday - 6 September 2022



Abeywickrama, Priya, LCA

Hennesy, Logan, LCA

Richards, Alyscia, LCA (staff)

Alaoui, Fatima, LCA

Holschuh, Carrie, HSS

Scott, Michael, ORSP

Banks, Dwayne, AR

Howell, Ryan, CoSE

Segovia-McGahan, Gabriela, CoES

Beatty, Brian, GCOE

Kavuri-Bauer, Santhi, LCA

Shapiro, Jerry, HSS

Clemens, Christopher, LCA

Kingston, Christopher, LFCOB (Staff)

Stein, Marc, LCA

Collins, Robert Keith, ASCSU

Kleinrichert, Denise, LFCOB

Steward, Paul, GCOE

Contreras, Raul, COSE (Staff)

Le, Mai-Nhung , COES

Sueyoshi, Amy, Provost

D'Alois, Roberta, LFCOB

Linton, Anne, LCA

Swei, Andrea, COSE

Daroitis, Wei-Ming, CoES

Lynch, Katie, SAEM

Takagi, Emiko, HSS

Dorie, Amy, HSS

Mahoney, Lynn, President

Trogu, Pino, LCA

Drennan, Marie, LCA

Malik, Mohit, ASI

Trousdale, Alaric, SAEM

Gerber, Nancy, ASCSU

Musselman, Elaine, HSS

Tu, Jenny, UE (staff)

Goldman, Michael, CoSE

Narkewicz, Victoria, GCOE (Staff)

Ward, Samantha, HHS (Staff)

Grossman, Aditi, COSE

Olsher, David, LCA

Way, Lori Beth, DUEAP

Grurzik, Cynthia, GCOE

Papyrina, Veronika, LFCOB

Wilson, Jackson, HSS

Guidara, Andrea, LIB (Staff)

Pasion, Sally, COSE

Woo, Jeannie, COES

Harris-Boundy, Jason, LFCOB

Piryatinska, Alexandra, COSE

Zamora, Karina, ASI

Harvey, Rick, HSS

Platas, Linda M, HSS

Zhou, Yi, LFCOB

Hellman, David, LIB

Reyes, Belinda, COES




Bloom, Gilda, GCOE (leave)

Lee, Yeon-Shim, HSS (leave)

Yee-Melichar, Darlene, ASCSU (sabbatical)

Hines, Ellen, CoSE (excused)

Rubin, Jasper, HSS (excused)




Albiniak, Teddy, LCA

Hwu, Alex, CEL

Price, Noah, Grad Studies

Altura, Kim, DUEAP

Kim, Catherine, HR

Roderick, Andrew, AT

Bartholomew, Claude, DUEAP

Landy, Margo, EM

Williams, Ingrid, HR

Dewitt, Jane, DUEAP

Mandolfo, Carleen, FA

Wilson, Jeff, A & F

Ganner, Nancy, HR

Montoya, Michelle, DUEAP


Harris, Dianne, COSE

Moore, Jamillah, SAEM




OPEN FLOOR PERIOD:  2:00 - 2:05 PM

The Open Floor Period provides an informal opportunity for campus community members to raise questions or make comments directed to Senate officers or to university administrators.  Please arrive promptly at 2:00 PM.

Announcements: Library has a ‘read and write’ agreement with Cambridge University Press.  More info available from

Here is the link to the Cambridge UP transformative agreement...


Here's a link for the SF State Rights and Wrongs Constitution Day conference, next Thurs and Fri. Come one and all!


  1. Approval of the Agenda for 6 September 2022

Approved 2:06  Harvey, Wilson

  1. Approval of the Minutes for 10 May 2022**Link**

Approved 2:07 Collins, Olsher.  Editorial change Senator Stein corrected (COB back to LCA)

  1. Announcements from the Floor

Science Technology and Society STS, $1000 faculty scholarships from NSF for ‘viral’ politics, from HIV to COVID.  E-mail co-directors Martha Kenney ( and Laura Mamo ( for more information, to register for the Information Session, or to request the link to STS Hub Fellowship Applications.

  1. Reports

    1. Chair’s Report
  • Reminder about Provost’s welcome reception on the President’s patio following the plenary session.
  • Thanks for steadfast support of shared governance and openness for input from the Senate.
  • Every reason that SFSU becomes a destination campus because of our dedication to Justice, Diversity and Equity and our innovative learning opportunities.  No longer just a faculty senate.  No longer just an academic senate because we represent all 5 cabinet areas of administration.  One large and effective team that ensures the success of our students and the thriving of our employees.


    1. President’s Report
  • Welcome.  Time and attention to shared governance is vital.
  • Over 2000 students in residence.  Be careful not to be run over by a skateboarder. 
  • If you are on the UBC, the meetings are recorded.  The budget did include $211 million in recurring funding along with about $1 billion in one-time infrastructure funding.  Employee compensation is the number one priority.  Enrollment depends on recruiting, enrolling and retaining students.  Graduating students is our priority.  Not having enough housing is the thing that makes college ‘affordable.’  Renovate the two ‘Mary’s’ residence halls, and get them up to code. 
  • Mercer study is a useful document to review
  • Share info on housing or salary increases with ASCSU to make part of the collective discussion


    1. Provost’s Report
  • DFW rates higher for online courses for students of color.
  • Mask optional state, planning to continue guidelines of CDC.
  • Retaining students and increasing graduation rates,
    • Most effective way to communicate with Provost?  Senate updates during Academic Affairs Council meeting. 
    • Reading initiative in classes?
    • CEETL’s WRAC: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Faculty Director  position is designed to address how to better support student reading.  Dr. Kasturi Ray is the WRAC Faculty Director.
    1. Standing Committees

      1. Academic Policies Committee
  • Credit for prior learning
  • CWEP


      1. Curriculum Review and Approval Committee
  • Discussing MA in Classics, Business Administration and, Business Analytics


      1. Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Department and Equivalent Units to adopt bylaws
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Coordinate/ partner with faculty affairs to increase diversity in hiring
  • Reflect on work assignments and workforce report
  • Early tenure policies


      1. Strategic Issues Committee
  • Admin search
  • Admin review
  • Financial Transparency
  • Strategic marketing, enrollment mgmt, physical infrastructure


      1. Student Affairs Committee
  • Drafting a graduation policy guiding students
  • Rename probation policy to ‘academic notification’ policy
  • Continuing late semester deadline, or made permanent
  • Career counseling staffing
    • Comments and questions: Cal alumni association about how to enroll alumni in classes.  Afraid of the notion of mentoring.  Asking how can alumni be greet resources in the classroom?  More established alumni can report what it takes to advance?
    • Peer partnering (Instead of mentoring)?



An informational item is a statement announcing the completion of a process, carried out in accordance with Senate policy, and requiring formal notification of the Senate at its conclusion.

  1. Reorganization within the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, involving Humanities, Comparative & World Literature, and Liberal Studies.



A consent item is one deemed by the Chair to be non-controversial, requiring no debate. Any Senator may call the item to the floor, in which case it is considered as new business in first reading. If no Senator calls it to the floor, it is considered approved. It may be read into the record.

  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Resolution in Memoriam and in Honor of Emerita Professor Ruth B. Love. Brought by Profs. D. Flowers, D. Harris & K. Monteiro, Read by Sen. R. Collins. (time approximate 3:00 PM) **Link**
  • A consent item as deemed as non-controversial can be thought of as approved.  Any senator can call the item to the floor for debate.
  • Resolution read by Senator Collins.



Old Business involves items returning to the Senate in Second Reading. Items in Second Reading belong to the Senate as a whole rather than to an individual or committee. Comments should be confined to those for or against, or proposing specific amendments. Amendments and the final document are passed or not passed by majority vote. There is no Old Business today.



New Business items are brought by a Committee or individual to the Senate in First Reading, during which open discussion and debate may occur. We ordinarily limit each speaker to three minutes. Senators may yield their time to non-Senators if needed. The item is then returned to the Committee for further revision, to be brought back as Old Business in Second Reading.

  1. Recommendation from the Executive Committee: Resolution in Support of University Mission Statement (2022)—First Reading**Link**
  • Erickson moves to floor.  No second is needed because brought by a standing committee.  Seeded time to former chair Albiniak.

    • Worked with Blue Beyond, focus groups with thousands of faculty, staff and students, then a group of 30 to edit the report.
    • WASC accreditation statement.  Hours of work



  1. Presentation by Andrew Roderick, Assistant Vice President of Academic Technology, “Transition to Canvas—update” (time approximate 2:45- 3 PM)
  • Comments and Questions:

    • SETE question.  University, then Department & Programs.  What are deadlines to add SETE questions.
    • How are CANVAS questions addressed.  Faculty and Senate involvement related to configuration.  Not just for chocolate online courses but also the KO face-to-face courses?
    • Support for core instruction
    • Waiting for key issues for campus community
    • Focus on launch and stability rather than individual campus configuration.
  1. Adjournment (time approximate 3:30 PM)
  • Collins, non-debatable, second Erickson


This is an informal opportunity for senators and guests to meet, exchange information, or follow up on items or questions emerging from the meeting. It will ordinarily run for thirty minutes from the end of formal business, but not beyond 5:00 PM, if people remain online.

On September 6, however, we will move immediately at the end of business to the Provost’s Reception on the President’s Patio, 5th floor Administration Building.


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